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Introducing Ray Imaging’s Intraoral X-ray Imaging System, a user-friendly and efficient radiographic imaging solution for dental clinics. Designed for single-person usage, this dental X-ray machine is capable of providing simplified, precise positioning through its 360 capabilities. Featured with a streamlined imaging process, a CMOS ultra-thin processor, a self-developed generator, a robotic arm, and a smart workstation, this intraoral X-ray machine provides high-resolution images with ease. This dental X-ray machine ensures a better working experience for both dentists and patients, making it the perfect radiographic imaging solution for dental clinics. Contact us now for more information about our radiographic imaging solution offering!

Advantages of Ray Imaging’s Radiographic Imaging Solutions:

  • Low Radiation X-ray generator
  • 360-degree movability for a comfortable radiographic imaging experience
  • CMOS Ultra-thin sensor provides this intraoral X-ray system the capabilities to produce high-resolution imaging.
  • Smart working station
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