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Company introduction

About Rayimaging

Established in 2014, Ray Imaging is the pioneer and leading X-ray machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Since day 1, Ray Imaging has been focused on the design, innovation, and manufacturing of digital radiography systems. Ray Imaging’s current offering includes a dental x-ray system, a CBCT radiation machine, and more. With its own R&D team and manufacturing factory, Ray Imaging is known for its ability to push the boundaries of high-voltage generator technology, which makes us the pioneers in the digital radiography system field. As a leading x-ray machine supplier and manufacturer, some of our most remarkable accomplishments include creating the world’s first single-tooth dental imaging system that is less than 1 kilogram. Ray imaging is not stopping; as pioneers in the digital radiography system, we are pushing the envelope of digital radiography system technology continuously.

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Rui Feng---Chairman & CEO

Mr. Feng Rui, an accomplished X-ray imaging expert with 20+ years of experience, holds a radiology degree from Shandong First Medical University and has served as a Chief Engineer at industry giants like CPI, GE, and Philips in Canada. Notably, he’s played a pivotal role in reshaping industry standards during his three-decade involvement with the National Medical X-ray Equipment and Appliance Standardization Subcommittee. His groundbreaking work includes pioneering a sub-1 kg portable dental X-ray machine and introducing China’s first digital imaging system for single-tooth applications. As Chairman and CEO, Mr. Feng Rui remains dedicated to advancing medical imaging technology, breaking barriers, and fostering innovation.

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“Evolution Never Ends.”

History of our company

October 23


Revenue has doubled compared to 2021, and we are growing like never before. As the pioneering company in the digital radiography system field, our components for the X-ray imaging system successfully maintained their top-selling position in China’s domestic market.

October 23


Mark the birth of China’s first X-ray digital radiography system. It is the industry’s first high-cost product that is based on a solid-state anode grounded at 33 microns.

October 10


Mr. Rui Feng founded Rayimaging Technology, a x-ray machine manufacturer & supplier, marking the birth of China’s first ultra-high-frequency 80 kw dynamic DR X-ray imaging product.

October 10


Core components of dynamic and static ultra high frequency digital radiography system has achieved the highest market share in China which breaking the 20 year import monopoly.

October 10


The sales of digital radiography systems’ full range of core components ranked number one in China, and ray imaging started the market for oral CT.

October 10


The first generation of Ray Imaging’s self-manufactured X-ray machine was introduced.

October 10


As the leading x-ray machine supplier in the field, Ray Imaging’s high-voltage CT and core components for dental CT have successfully achieved mass production and become the top-selling products in China’s domestic market.

Management Models


Consultative Marketing KAM: As the leading x-ray machine supplier, Ray Imaging provides VIP services for our clients, including solution-based products for different applications and more.

APD: Project Development Workflow VPM: Process Visualization SDR: Lean Improvement Project Review System
The First Lean Manufacturer in the High-Pressure Industry: As an advanced X-ray machine manufacturer,we enhance production efficiency and quality control via cost reduction in the supply chain.
Human Resources:
Talent Acquisition and Retention: Continuous Enhancement of Human Capabilities Employee Initiative Employee Stability
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